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11/11/11 (2011)

Horror, Thriller
Jon Briddell, Erin Coker, Hayden Byerly, Tracy Pulliam
Jack and Melissa are frightened by their son's bizarre and violent behavior; they soon learn that he is the gateway to the Apocalypse, and it will happen on his birthday, 11-11-11.
  • 01 Nov 2011 Released:
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  • Kiff Scholl, Keith Allan Writer:
  • Keith Allan Director:
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Horrible horror1/10
It is really difficult to make such a bad movie as this one, picking scenes and pieces from other better movies and putting them together in such a talentless way must have been a very hard work. I started to watch the movie with some expectation and interest thinking that at some point I was going to be grabbed by the mystery or the action, but the truth is that after the first ten minutes I already realized that I was watching one of the worst movies I have seen. The actors are bad amateurs that do not even manage to make one credible dialogue. The film is inspired in so many old topics and scenes from previously released films that it is not even surprising in any way...the whole thing stinks. Horrible experience. In that sense it is really a horror movie.
Terrible, do not waste your time.1/10
I don't usually mind movies being a little rough around the edges but this one was just terrible. I felt like the producers just said "meh, that will do." and released it without any thought about detail or quality. The visual effects were not just poor but offensive, the plot had huge holes in it (more holes than plot) and the choices made during the story were just insane by any standards. The most annoying part about the whole thing is the ending - or lack of one. The story wasn't wrapped up, we have no idea what happened to 90% of the characters in the movie, and it just plain made no sense. In short I would not recommend this train wreck of a move to anyone.
It's a Movie by Asylum ....1/10
And thats all you should need to know about the movie. Asylum is known for making the rip-off movies in hopes that idiots like us will mistake it for the bigger blockbuster version and rent it instead.

I LOVE horror movies big and small but Asylum movies make me vomit in my mouth every time I have the misfortune of watching one. There's ANOTHER movie out there called 11/11/11, BTW,written and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman from the Saw franchise. The reviews on it were mixed and I haven't caught it yet myself but I guarantee it's better than this pile of dung.

Again, I'm not one of those reviewers who doesn't appreciate campy horror movies and then complains that it was awful - I truly love horror movies, particularly the bad ones, (think "Bugs" starring Antonio Sabatao Junior bad) but thanks to NetFlix and Asylum in particular I have learned the hard lesson that there are just some movies that are just really THAT awful.

Anything I've seen by Asylum falls into that lot. You want to see more of their ilk how about "666: The Child" and it's horrible sequel (Damien, anyone?) or EXORCISM: THE POSSESSION OF GAIL BOWERS (Emily Rose? The last Exorcist?) HG Wells War of the Worlds (NOT the War of the Worlds blockbuster you're thinking of!) Halloween Night (Not only does it share the Halloween title it shares the same plot line too)Snakes on a Train...

God, the list goes on and on it gets worse and worse. I'm done ranting now, just thought I'd point it out in hopes I could prevent someone else from renting their god awful movies.

Complete Waste of Time2/10
Wow, that was the most pointless movie I've ever seen. The plot is weak, poorly explained, and there are enormous plot holes. The writing is jumpy, which makes the story skip around with little cohesion. For example, when Annie the crazy cat lady next door is asking Nat about her cat, she described it as an orange, then yellow, then orange tabby. Lady, you should know what color your cat is, you batty old dame. It's either seriously bad editing on the script writer's part or deliberate hinting at the woman's insanity.

Oh, then we get to the special effects. Whoever mixed the blood did not get the color, consistency, or clotting factor right. It was too red, too staining, not dark enough when dried, and looked like raspberry syrup or diluted ketchup at times. Also, the dead cat under the kid's bed was covered in mealworms, not maggots as it should have been. Mealworms are attracted to rotting plant matter and only eat rotting meat as a last resort. Like, duh! Nice failure to do research, prop artists. If a dead cat was under the kid's bed in the first place, why is it that no one noticed the putrid stench of death? Lastly, at 3 to 4 weeks' gestation, there is no way that the fetus would have a large, recognizable hand to press against its dead mother's womb. The baby is only the size of a poppyseed. Again, do your research, people! Pathetic!

Then we get to the acting itself. Seriously, where were these people found? Most of the cast couldn't act their way through a 1st grade play of Little Red Riding Hood to save their lives. The fight choreographer needs to go back to their day job, because the punches thrown and how they "landed" look extremely fake.

Lastly, I have major beef with whoever cut this film. Were they asleep at the controls or just not care at all? Did no one review the final cut for mistakes, continuity, or make sure that the film made sense before printing it? A few times, the camera men can be seen in reflections in window panes. The mom blinks three times while lying dead in the bathtub. The cloth with chloroform (I am assuming) over Nat's mouth moves from over his nose to just his mouth and back again a few times during the scene where Annie is trying to kill him.

Plot holes, no resolution, no hint as to what really happened at the end, the movie just ends without any of the conflict being resolved or explained, and the last 30 seconds are just strange and unnecessary.

Seriously, do not waste your time. This movie will just frustrate you unless you want to pretend to be Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and rip this trash to shreds while you watch with your robot pals.
A real disappointment3/10
The very few first minutes were promising enough. From then on - the movie deteriorated: unlikable characters, plot full of holes, irrational decisions of the characters and the ending seems like someone got stuck with the screenplay and decided to wrap it up quickly and go home for dinner (don't get me started on the visual effects, either, which, although not being the main issue here, leave much to be desired). I like endings that makes you think, but in this case, my only thought was "gotta warn others from wasting one hour and a half of their life on this".

I guess my main dissatisfaction with this movie is that the storyline did not make much sense, even for the horror genre.

so... don't.